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It is not easy to find a gay guide to the city. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the second largest city in Europe. The people of the city are extremely friendly and the city has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Consulting our gay-friendly guide to Madrid is really worth it. With all the positive atmosphere that exists in the gay community here, Madrid is one of the preferred destinations for the LGBTIQ+ community.

If you need more information, you can consult the official tourism portal of the city of Madrid.

Madrid gay guide: everything you need to know

Madrid is one of the most open and tolerant cities in the world, and for this reason it has become a favorite destination for gay tourism. The Spanish capital offers a wide variety of leisure, cultural and entertainment options for all tastes and preferences. In this gay guide to Madrid, we tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to this vibrant and welcoming city.

What to see and do in Madrid?

Madrid has a lot to offer its visitors, whether you are looking for historical monuments, art museums, natural parks or avant-garde shows. Some of the essential places that you cannot miss are:

  • The Prado Museum: one of the most important museums in the world, where you can admire masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, El Greco and other great artists.
  • The Retiro Park: the green lung of the city, ideal for walking, playing sports or relaxing in its gardens and ponds.
  • The door of the sun: the heart of Madrid, where the famous clock that marks the end of the year bells and the zero kilometer of Spanish roads is located.
  • The great way: the most emblematic and commercial avenue in Madrid, full of shops, cinemas, theaters and restaurants.
  • The Royal Palace: the official residence of the kings of Spain, a majestic building that houses an impressive collection of art and historical objects.

Where to stay in Madrid?

Madrid has a wide range of accommodation for all budgets and needs. From luxury hotels to cheap hostels, through tourist apartments or youth hostels. However, if you want to be close to the gay area of ​​Madrid, we recommend that you choose one of these neighborhoods:

  • Crooked: the gay neighborhood par excellence, where most of the city's LGBT+ venues are concentrated. Here you will find everything from bars and nightclubs to bookstores and specialized stores. In addition, it is a very central neighborhood and well connected with the rest of the city.
  • Malasana: the most alternative and bohemian neighborhood in Madrid, where underground culture coexists with the latest trends. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of artistic, gastronomic and musical proposals. It is also a very gay-friendly neighborhood with a lot of nightlife.
  • Lavapiés: the most multicultural and diverse neighborhood in Madrid, where Spanish traditions mix with the influences of other cultures. Here you can taste typical dishes from different countries, visit exotic markets and attend cultural events of all kinds. It is also a very tolerant and supportive neighborhood with the LGBT+ collective.

Where to party in Madrid?

Madrid is a city that never sleeps, and its nightlife is one of the liveliest and most varied in the world. If you want to party in Madrid, you have many options to choose from according to your tastes and preferences. These are some of the most popular:

  • Gay Pride night: the biggest and most important party of the year for the LGBT+ community, which is celebrated at the end of June or beginning of July. For a week, Madrid is filled with activities, concerts, demonstrations and parties throughout the city. The high point is the Gay Pride parade, which runs through the main streets of the center with floats, music and lots of joy.
  • Madrid night: the most traditional and typical party in Madrid, which lasts from sunset to sunrise. The plan consists of going for tapas in the most traditional bars, having a few drinks in the most modern pubs and dancing until you drop in the most famous nightclubs. Some of the busiest areas are Huertas, Tribunal, Alonso Martínez and Moncloa.
  • Gay night: the most specific and exclusive party for the LGBT+ public, which is concentrated above all in the Chueca neighborhood. Here you can find everything from quiet and cozy bars to huge and spectacular nightclubs. Some of the best-known venues are LL Bar, Black & White, Delirio, Boite, Kluster and Sala Cool.

What else should you know about Madrid?

Madrid is a city that will surprise you and make you fall in love with its history, its culture, its people and its atmosphere. To make your visit perfect, we give you some tips and recommendations:

  • Public transport: Madrid has a very efficient and comfortable public transport network, which includes the metro, bus, train and taxi. The metro is the fastest and cheapest option to move around the city, and has a single fare of 1.50 euros per trip. The bus is the most ecological and panoramic option, and has a fee of 1.50 euros per trip. The train is the most comfortable and fastest option to get to the outskirts of the city, and has a variable rate depending on the distance. The taxi is the most expensive and least recommended option, unless you are in a hurry or have a lot of luggage.
  • The weather: Madrid has a continental climate, with cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers. The average annual temperature is 15°C, but it can vary from 0°C in January to 35°C in August. The best time to visit Madrid is spring or autumn, when the weather is milder and more pleasant.
  • The gastronomy: Madrid has a rich and varied gastronomy, which reflects the diversity of its inhabitants and their cultural influences. Some of the most typical dishes are Madrid stew, calamari sandwich, patatas bravas, broken eggs, chocolate with churros and San Isidro donuts. You can also enjoy a wide variety of tapas, pinchos and portions in the many bars and restaurants in the city.
  • Safety: Madrid is a safe and quiet city, where you can walk and enjoy without problems. However, as in any big city, you should be careful with pickpockets, especially in the most touristy and crowded areas. You must also respect the rules of coexistence and civility, such as not making noise at night, not throwing garbage on the ground or not drinking alcohol in the street.

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