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Immerse yourself in this city with the gay guide of Vigo. Discover the charm of the largest city in Galicia, the heart of the Rías Baixas: its light, its temperate weather, cuisine, and culture, in addition to its incredible landscape. Visit the gay reference of Vigo and indulge yourself in this unique city that will leave a mark.

Find events, or most gay-friendly places can be a challenge, especially if you are new in an area. The gay community of Vigo also has its own local gay that you can find in our gay guide to Vigo. If you want to have fun, meet new people and connect with members of your group, query suggestions, and find places, shops, accommodations and events.

One of the best things of Galicia is the gay nightlife in Vigo. Every weekend you have gay bars that are open all over the city. Most of them are open until midnight. You'll be able to hours of dancing len these fun bars and clubs to be gay. The clubs of Vigo have many themed parties. They are very popular among the gay community in Spain. Then, if you want to experience something unique when you're in this city, do not hesitate to come to one of these fantastic local listings in our gay guide to Vigo.

Vigo is a city that is not only beautiful and romantic, it is also a paradise for gay travelers. If you are looking for a destination gay that is not too expensive or is not full of people this is your fate. If you want to learn more information to visit the city of Vigo, you can access the official website of tourism of Vigo.

The city of Vigo

Vigo is a beautiful port city located in the extreme northwest of Spain. For travelers LGBTQ+, Vigo is a great destination with so much to do, see and experience. Whether you're looking for bars, restaurants and hotels adapted to the group LGBTQ+, as if you simply want to explore a new city, and exciting, Vigo has something to offer to everyone. We will explore Vigo from the perspective of a traveller gay, giving you tips and recommendations to get the most out of your visit. From where to stay to where to eat, and everything else, we will make sure that you have a Gay Guide of Vigo perfect.

Gay Vigo

The lively gay scene Vigo is a vibrant atmosphere and welcoming to the LGBTQ+. With a large number of bars, clubs and businesses LGBTQ+ friendly, Vigo offers a safe environment and inclusive for all. In recent years, the city has hosted the LGBTQ+, with the Gay Pride Parade in Vigo, which is held annually. With its diversity of places LGBTQ+ friendly, Vigo is a great destination for those looking to explore and enjoy the lively gay scene in the city.

Vigo as the gay capital of Galicia

Vigo is regarded as "the gay capital par excellence of Galicia" and has a wide variety of local and establishments are geared to the LGBT community. The city has inherited the scene of the eighties, which is reflected in its vibrant nightlife.

Nightclubs and bars gay-friendly

Vigo and its surroundings there are numerous bars and discos, gay-friendly to enjoy a night of partying. The city is an ideal place to enjoy a night of fun and entertainment.

▸ Plaff

Plaff is a well-known gay bar in Vigo, located on Calle Oliva. It is an excellent place to start the evening in a relaxed and unpretentious. The staff is friendly and is always willing to help the visitors to enjoy their experience.

▸ Roy Bleck

Roy Bleck is the main gay bar in Vigo, located in the Street of Porto. Worth a visit, as they often organize performances of drag concerts and cabaret style. It is a large space, ideal for enjoying the music and the dance.


Galician cuisine is famous for its quality and diversity, with a wide range of dishes and typical products that delight visitors. From fresh seafood to meats and local wines, tourists LGBT can enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience in Vigo and its surroundings.

The profile of the tourist LGBTIQ+

The tourist LGBT-visit Galicia is usually a person with a high income and urban life and stressful. Many do not have children, and work in the liberal professions, allowing them to enjoy greater purchasing power. This is reflected in the demand for services and high-quality experiences and exclusivity, as a luxury accommodation, gourmet restaurants and cultural activities of the first level.

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